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Stay Tuned for the 2013-2014 Workshop Series

We have been busy working on some other pieces within the Emotional Orgasm world,
but we want to thank you for your interest in more workshops around EO skills/tools and strategies.
We will be doing more workshops this year and we look forward to seeing you!!

Carrie Stack provides ongoing work individually/small groups with clients  on coaching focused on building skills/tools based on the EO Pyramid of Power. Please contact Carrie for more information, or if you are interested in coaching.

Past Workshops
February 13, 3013
EO Your Life: Women in Networking Kickoff Event for Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce

Almost 50 women from around the North Shore attended the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce Women in Networking (WIN) series kickoff.  The event was held on February 13th at the Lynn Museum and featured prominent Life Coach and Motivational speaker Carrie Stack M. Ed., and focused on how to find and feel the joy in life (and business).

“Being with a powerful group of business owners it was a great reminder that regardless of profession, or title, or education, or earning potential, we all want to be able to appreciate and enjoy what we have in our lives, and not get stuck on what we don’t. People miss incredible moments of joy if their perspective is off, and this group was clear they are done missing out. They had tremendous energy and openness to trying new skills and tools to approach life and we could have kept talking for hours,” says Stack.

The LACCs “WIN” committee is planning three other events in the series including “The Interview Exchange” scheduled for May (date TBA) with Kim Carrigan and a special guest or two. All special guests will interview each other to share their life lessons. The third event in the series will feature one or two prominent authors in August and the last event will feature women owned catering, restaurant and baking companies for a night of tasting and networking.



EO Your Life: It’s time.

Date: July 22, 2010

EO= Eliminate Obstacles
EO= Embrace Opportunities
EO= Emotional Orgasm!

We know you’re wondering,
“What are they going to DO? How can there be a whole workshop about EO’s?”
We have a lot planned!
We’re going to tell you (a little bit) about how we got to this place, and we’re going to tell you (a lot) about some of the concrete things that you can do to make sure you’re having EO’s in life!

1. You will leave that night with tips, tools & strategies that you can implement immediately to increase the likelihood and frequency of experiencing EO’s.
2. You’ll meet cool people (because, let’s be honest, only the cool are hip enough to be up on the whole EO phenomenon!) and walk away thinking, “Wow…that was a total BLAST!”
3. You’ll feel more connected, inspired and aligned with living your life fulfilled!



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