who co-created the idea of an emotional orgasm?

about us

Carrie Stack, M.Ed.

Carrie is a Certified Life Coach, author and motivational speaker with over 20 years of experience providing people with the strategies to make positive changes in their lives. Over the years she worked in the nonprofit world as a teacher, counselor, trainer and program director. She has worked with children, teens and families dealing with a wide range of challenges and trauma, and in her different positions she had the privilege of witnessing people, young and old, grow and evolve in ways that inspire and awe.

Always searching for new ways to reach people, Carrie went through a coaching training program, with the goal of eventually starting her own business. In 2005, she realized she couldn’t keep talking about what she wanted to do, it was time to do it. She left her job in the nonprofit world and founded the Say Yes Institute (SYI), a company focused on building emotional intelligence skills through workshops, coaching and trainings. She has worked with over 50 nonprofit agencies and specializes in supporting leadership to develop management/supervision skills.

Carrie is the author of The Dream Boss (due for release in 2012) and Conversations with the Future. She is a featured columnist for Achiever magazine, named one of “101 Women to Watch” by WE Magazine and featured on 7-NEWS, FOX 25, Boston Globe, Boston Literary Magazine, The Lynn Item and North Shore Sunday. She is also founder of the nonprofit Courage2Know.

Michele Lazcano

Michele is an award-winning writer and producer and the recipient of some of television journalism’s most prestigious awards including two Emmy’s, seven Emmy nominations, an Edward R. Murrow Award and a Gabriel Award. She has been recognized for her talents in video feature reporting, her ability to nourish and uplift the human spirit through writing, outstanding achievement in Community Service and for excellence in stories ranging from History and Culture to Health, Science, Entertainment and Serious News. The stories that have made the biggest impact on Michele’s life and career include her award-winning report on the Healing Power of Forgiveness, her interview with Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx about his memoir of addiction, “The Heroin Diaries” and the nationally recognized Public Service Announcement she produced to promote Seat-belt Safety in memory of her younger brother, who passed away following a car accident in 2003.

Over the past 15 years, Michele has produced stories that she hopes have made a difference or raised awareness in some way.  In her career she has interviewed some of the most fascinating people in the world, from children to centenarians, all of whom are making a difference because of the stories they have had the courage to share.  Michele recently had the great pleasure of sitting down for one-on-one interviews with two of the most sought-after speakers in the world, internationally-acclaimed author and world-renowned leader in the field of mind-body healing, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and frequent Oprah contributor and the host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” cardiac surgeon and wellness expert, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Michele has worked for both NBC and FOX, and as a host of Comcast’s “The Book Case,” where she interviewed authors on topics ranging from personal development to overall wellness in mind and body. She is certified in sitting vigil with Hospice  patients and families,  is on the Board of Directors for the Magical Moon Foundation to nurture and empower children with cancer, and is a member of 12 Women Care, an organization of 12 women from one community who are committed to making a direct local impact through deliberate generosity.

With the exception of marrying her best friend, J.P. and bringing their beautiful sons Brennan and Owen in to the world, Michele’s biggest “EO” has been seeing this amazing project come to light!

EOvolution: the story of how we got here…

So many people have asked us, “How did this EO thing come to be?”
This is how it started

At some point EO was born. Location: UMASS Amherst. It could have happened over a slice of Antonio’s, or maybe on the way to one of our communication classes, perhaps the morning after a late night at The Pub or during a “DU” (Destination Unknown) where we would pile into Michele’s Chevy Nova and just drive and drive. (Yes, we liked to abbreviate everything we possibly could! OMG/ LOL… clearly we were so ahead of the times!) Details are foggy about when, but it definitely happened there. Out in Western MA, in our younger days, a life changing movement was born, and we didn’t even know it. In retrospect, there was a lot we didn’t know then. No wonder why we were so freakishly happy.

EO was created at some point before our 1994 graduation from UMASS Amherst!

Busy living life. A lot of laughing, some crying, and definitely our share of EO’s. However, along the way we also accumulated many stories of missed EO’s, as well as unfulfilling relationships that couldn’t generate an EO, even with professional assistance and a cash reward. People in our lives know what we mean when we say, “EO.” Some say it too, but there are still those who don’t think “that word” should be said, ever. One might think these were our uptight friends, but no! Let’s just say, they aren’t uptight at all. However, since what happens at UMASS stays at UMASS (with the exception of EO), we’ll keep those details to ourselves.
February 2009
EO is something more than an idea. We think it could actually BE something, and apparently others do too. When we share the idea, people get it, and not just women either! They know who they’re having EO’s with, and who they aren’t. We see it in their faces, the recognition that there are people and experiences in their lives that have given them this incredible feeling…and they want more. So do we. We think we have something here that’s clicking for people and we want to share it in a big way.  Life is certainly more enjoyable when you understand and experience this whole “EO” thing!

We’re thinking it’s time to do something more structured with these ideas. We obviously do what anyone would do in this situation. We buy the domain name www.emotionalorgasm.com and begin the official public launch of Emotional Orgasm! For over 20 years we have talked about it, used and lived the term,  and shared the concept with people in our lives.  Now it was time to go bigger. Much, much bigger!

This journey has huge potential. If the hundreds of people we have shared this with are any indication of what is to come, this could prove to be the biggest EO of our lives!


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