what is an emotional orgasm?

what is EO Your Life?

EO Your Life is a personal development company dedicated to inspiring and empowering people to live life fulfilled.  We provide resources, tools and strategies designed to help people experience more pleasure and satisfaction in their relationships, and their lives.

what is an emotional orgasm?

An Emotional Orgasm is that “WOW” feeling in life.
It’s the feeling you get when you reach a peak of satisfaction, connection and pleasure- and it typically happens when you are powerfully present, aware and engaged.  An Emotional Orgasm has been described as being “electric, “a wave of pleasure,” “a sense of incredible peace,” “joy,” “power,” “everything is right in that moment,” “clarity and focus,” “being part of something bigger,” and “the reason why we’re here.”

You could have an Emotional Orgasm in the midst of an incredible once-in-a-lifetime moment, OR you could have one during a routine part of daily life, because the event/experience doesn’t dictate what is “EO” material- YOU do!  EO’s can be experienced with someone you love, someone you know, someone you just met or alone and an EO can last seconds, minutes or hours- and the ripple effect is contagious!

Our lives can (and should!) be filled with Emotional Orgasms.
Daily life is full of incredible “WOW” moments that can bring us so much pleasure- IF we slow down and show up for them! Why are we committed to making sure people know about EO’s?  The frequency of EO’s in your life will make people happier- as well as more peaceful, content, grateful, positive and optimistic! You know what happens if we are all of those things? It improves our health, mental/emotional state, physical well being and increases our overall quality of life.

When people are happier, it also has a tremendous positive impact on relationships with their families,  spouses/partners, co-workers, employees and even strangers. Bottom line, life is all about relationships and increasing the frequency of EO’s has a powerful, positive impact on all of the relationships in our lives!

EO  Your Life pyramid

The EO Your Life pyramid is an easy to remember, easy to follow, 6-step blueprint created to help you achieve emotional orgasms and live life fulfilled. The pyramid works up from the bottom and each EO level focuses on concrete exercises, tools, and strategies designed to increase your capacity to experience infinite pleasure in life.

We created this because it doesn’t have to be hard, or complicated.
We want this to be super easy to understand, and even more important, easy to remember, because if you can’t file this away, access it and use it, then it’s pointless.
Just remember two letters for each step, E and O. You can do that, right?
Because a model you can remember, is a model you can use!

Step 1
EO: Existing Only
What does it mean to feel like you’re simply existing? What is the impact of that state on your mood, relationships, experiences, and world view? The journey begins when people take an honest inventory about how they are moving through life and if they identify with “faking it”, or feeling like they are just holding on, getting by, surviving, or trying to just get through they days, or life. People need to decide if that is good enough, or if they want something more.

Step 2
EO: Explore Options
The next step supports people to determine what is possible, and what they want, need, or believe they deserve. This helps people begin to establish goals, in all parts of life, and This section also looks at concepts around forgiveness, balance, and the importance of personal responsibility.

Step 3:
Eliminate Obstacles
This is key to having Emotional Orgasms (EO’s). A lot of us are doing a lot of things that we feel should make us happy, content and engaged, but we feel uninspired and overwhelmed. Why aren’t we feeling the pleasure we thought we would, or could, in life? It’s because there are a lot of things impacting our ability to be fully present.  People need to identify and eliminate the barriers and obstacles getting in the way of experiencing the “WOW” moments in life.

Step 4
EO: Embrace Opportunities

This step reminds people to embrace all of the opportunities for joy that are found in everyday life. Now that you’ve gotten rid of the obstacles, you don’t just sit on your couch and wait for EO’s to happen. You intentionally find, name, and own the “WOW” moments in life as you embrace the opportunities so many miss!

Step 5
EO: Emotional Orgasm

This is a big one, because this step allows you to fully experiencing the “WOW” moments in your world, making life the incredible journey it is meant to be. You’re living life fulfilled and feeling how amazing it can be when you are present, engaged, connected and fully alive. There are countless Emotional Orgasms waiting for you in life, if you choose to experience them. Use the Pyramid of Power© to help you live life fulfilled!

Step 6
EO: Empower Others
Did you know when you show up and feel the “wow” in life, it actually helps other people find and feel the “wow” in their lives? This is often surprising to people, because many have said that it sometimes feels like finding the joy in their own lives can somehow feel selfish, or self-absorbed, or as if they aren’t concerned with other people. All of those worries can be dismissed now, because the greatest and most selfless thing you can do for the people in your world is to fully find and feel the joy in your world! How’s THAT for an EO? There’s the ultimate green light for living life fulfilled. It’s a gift for you, and for everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with you!

Do you know what happens next?
You are now busy living your ExtraOrdinary Life!


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