how do we share the emotional orgasm world?

*blog: EOpportunities
We want to share concrete, simple ways that you can apply tips and strategies from the EO Pyramid of Power into your life to bring more emotional orgasms in to your world. We are excited to share simple things that you can do to enjoy your life more fully. You don’t need to quit your job, leave your family and live on an island to have EO’s. Promise. This is your life, so we have some thoughts and some tools to share to make sure you’re showing up to really live it (and not just survive it)!

Carrie Stack, M.Ed. is a certified life coach focused on providing personal and professional development using training and coaching. She works with clients that range from teens to CEO’s and Executive Directors and maintains a limited number of individual clients, as well as offers group coaching. Coaching is a more intensive way to work through the EO pyramid and offers clients the opportunity to integrate new learning, strategies and techniques with concrete timelines and accountability.
If you are interested in more information about coaching,
please contact Carrie at:

*EO gallery
This is an exciting addition to the EO world! We’re interested in your experience with EO’s in your life. This is a place where you can share (with all of us in the EO movement) pictures of the moments that make you happy. Moments when you experience fulfillment. Moments that make you feel like this is living. Moments when you simply think, “WOW!

What does that look like? You submit your picture with some kind of representation of EO in it. It could be a group of friends at dinner, and you write “EO” on the napkin. It could be you hiking alone and you write EO in sticks on the ground. It could be any moment that makes you feel that sense of connection, peace, joy and happiness.

Why are we doing this? EO is a movement. We want people to see that other people get it, that we’re on this journey together and, moment by moment, we’re finding more pleasure in our lives.
SO, next time you’re out and you HAVE an Emotional Orgasm capture it and send it in. The EO Gallery is our way of making sure that you know that you’re on to something. Something VERY big.

Please send your pictures capturing your EO’s to:

*EO: the book
Have you ever had an Emotional Orgasm? Or maybe you did and you just didn’t know it? Now there’s a name for what everyone wants and for what so few know how to achieve. Are you ready? You’re about to have… an Emotional Orgasm! In our candid and empowering collection of personal stories combined with ground-breaking advice (well, at least WE think it is!) you will find the secret to living life fulfilled.

And it’s not too late to share your EO story for consideration in our upcoming book. We want to hear from YOU!

  • What does an Emotional Orgasm mean to you?
  • EO’s: Who are the people you have them with? Who do you wish you could have them with?
  • What gets in your way of having more Emotional Orgasms?
  • How can you bring more EO’s into your world? What would you have to do, in order to make that happen?
  • Having a name for the feeling: Before EO/After EO – What has changed for you?
  • When was your last Emotional Orgasm? What were the circumstances?
  • Do people in your life have/experience EO’s? In your opinion, why can they (or why can’t they?)
  • What is YOUR advice for people who want to have more EO’s and live life fulfilled? What do you suggest?
  • Any other thoughts around EO’s, what they are, or what you wish people knew about this?

Stay tuned for more information about how you can participate in this project!

EO productions
We’re documenting the EOvolution. We will be sharing the EO journey, as we capture experiences, stories and advice to share with the world.
The Goal: To show people what it looks like to live life fulfilled!
Stay tuned!

Please join us on Facebook for the active Emotional Orgasm: Live Life Fulfilled community. This a place for people to share stories and examples of how they’re bringing EO’s into their lives and inspiring EO’s in others. It’s a way for people to help encourage each other around finding and owning the pleasure in life. It’s about people choosing to live life fulfilled, and connecting with others who share the same vision! Talk to us, ask questions, give suggestions, offer support to each other and help join the EO movement!

If you have a Twitter account, you can follow us at This is another way we’ll be sharing tips, strategies, thoughts and ideas around how to eliminate obstacles and embrace opportunities.

We will be holding workshops/trainings around what EO is, and how to bring more fulfillment in to your life by understanding and mastering the Pyramid of Power. Our goal is to provide participants with concrete skills, tools and strategies which can be immediately implemented to help eliminate obstacles and embrace opportunities that will lead to more EO’s. All workshops are designed to be interactive, thought-provoking, engaging, inspiring and FUN.  (FYI: We think that if it’s not fun, what’s the point?  When you are laughing, you are happy, engaged and open. When you are open, you are more willing to look at new ways of thinking, being and doing- which is why you signed up in the first place, right?!)

*vidEO’s: 2 for U series
This series of vidEOs are in response to the EO Pyramid of Power levels, and follow the steps to Eliminate Obstacles and Embrace Opportunities in order to achieve an EO. VidEO’s are designed to give you two specific, concrete tools/strategies that you can use to help shift your mood, your focus, your energy and your experience of a person, situation or event.

Topics range from self-care, to setting limits and boundaries, to relationships, communication, conflict and stress. We have created short vidEO’s because everyone clicks and connects with things differently, so we wanted to make sure that we included written tools, as well as vidEO versions of them! Please let us know what you think, and if you have any ideas/suggestions for topics that would be useful for you!
VidEO series is coming soon!


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