Eliminate Obstacles

How do we eliminate barriers and obstacles in life that prevent us from having EO’s? How do we move through and move beyond challenges that keep us stuck? How do we get rid of the baggage that holds us back?


“Concentrate all your thoughts on the task at hand.
The sun’s rays do not burn until brought in to focus.”

Alexander Graham Bell

How many of us live our lives feeling:

* Scattered?
* Rushed?
* Stretched?
* Distracted?
* Overextended?
* Unfocused?

We are constantly “doing,” yet seem to get nothing done!

This state of distraction has become the new version of what it means to be successful.
You must be important if you have no time.
You must be really important if you have to multi-task all the time, like when you’re at your kids’ recital, running to the store, or at your great aunt’s 90th surprise party.

You are so important.
You have proof of this because at the end of every day you feel exhausted and frazzled.
You’re actually o.k. with this because you think this is just how it is.
You think this is called life, and you just need to accept it.

Well, living like this IS how it is, for a lot of people.
But, that’s not how it needs to be.

The truth is, we are less productive when we operate at that speed, and we actually get less done!

Something to think about:
Are you accomplishing what you want to accomplish in your days?
Yes? You are? WOW! Congratulations!
No? You’re not getting it all done?
Well, here’s a radical thought…Do less.

What does that mean?
Quite simply, when you are doing something, do ONLY that.
Give your full attention to the task at hand- and do nothing else.

It sounds scary, doesn’t it?
Just try it…
and see if life feels any easier, more manageable or more enjoyable.
You can always go back to you’re whirl tomorrow.
It will be there.

Remember, you are just like the sun’s rays…
and there is nothing more powerful than being “in focus.”



“When you fight something, you’re tied to it forever.
As long as you’re fighting it, you’re giving it power.”

Anthony de Mello

What are you waging war against?
What struggle, issue, battle or injustice are you dragging around with you…
day after day…
month after month…
and, for some,
decade after decade?

Some are very busy with what went wrong…
what didn’t happen (and should have),
what could have happened (but never did),
what was said (and shouldn’t have been)
what wasn’t said (and desperately needed to be!)
what was done (as wrong as it was)
or what wasn’t (and now it’s too late)!

Some are so consumed with the battle that they believe they should have won,
that they can’t see the toll that this is wreaking on daily life.
Using tremendous amounts of energy, so many drag it all around, tattered and worn,
wondering why they are so tired in life,
and why it’s hard for them to see the positive and celebrate what they DO have.

Is this you?
In any way, are you in this?
Do you have any frustrations, injustices, struggles or frustrations that you keep close by,
to quickly access on a daily basis?
If the answer is yes, it’s time to make peace with them.
At this point, nobody is going to win.
And, every day you keep it with you, you are losing more and more…

Today, try letting go…
Making peace is often the only way
to finally make your life yours.



“You can’t do anything about the length of your life,
but you can do something about its width and depth.”

Evan Esar

Read this quote…
Read it again…
And then, read it one more time.

Great news, isn’t it?!
You don’t get to control it all, but you get to decide a lot…

How are you living?
How gracefully are you navigating your daily life,
knowing that you do not have the promise of forever…
but you do have right now?

What are you doing that brings you happiness?
When do you make time for you?
How are you living your dreams?
How are you spending your valuable time?
Who have you decided to share your life with,
and are they aware at how fortunate they are to be part of your world?

None of us know when we will go…
So doesn’t it make sense to pay attention to how we are living each day that we DO have?

Your life is an amazing journey…
make sure you are awake as you live it!



“The great Western disease is,
I’ll be happy when…
When I get the money.
When I get a BMW.
When I get this job.’

Well, the reality is, you never get to when.
The only way to find happiness
is to understand that happiness is not out there.
It’s in here.
And happiness is not next week.
It’s now.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Check in with yourself about how often you are waiting for your happiness to show up and arrive.
Notice how you think, and what you say, about being happy.
Pay attention to what markers or benchmarks you hold out as the tool to identify if you’re happy or not.

The “i’ll be happy when…” syndrome is impacting countless lives and keeping people locked in a state of limbo.
Are you living there too?
Isn’t it getting old?
What if you decided you deserved happiness and expected it to be fully present and engaged in your daily life.
Daily life isn’t inherently glamorous or rooted in perfection, but there IS happiness nestled in daily life- just waiting to be noticed!
If you are waiting for something to happen that will make you happy, you are missing what IS happening right now- which includes lots of love, laughter and pretty amazing “wow” moments.

Be in today.
It has a lot to offer.

“The thoughts we choose to think
are the tools we use
to paint the canvas of our lives.”

Louise Hay

More and more we are shining a light on the significance of our thoughts,
and how those thoughts ultimately shape, guide and define our lives.

Who is in control of your thoughts?

Your partner? Your mother?
Kids? Friends?
The neighbors?
Mass media?
None of those sources of influence control your thoughts…
They may present opinions, perspectives or possibilities,
but none have control over you!

You control what you think aboutand how you think about it…
(whatever “it” might be!

There is tremendous power in realizing that YOU create your life experience!

Your time on this earth is defined by what you choose to focus on…
what you choose seek out…
and what you believe to be true.

When we are at the end of our time on this earth,
our “canvas” is complete
and it is a tribute to how we spent our days.

Something to think about:
What paint are you choosing to use?
Are your thoughts adding beauty and depth
to the great work of art
that you will call
your LIFE?



“Begin each day as if it were on purpose.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

There is such power in the basic elements of life.
Earth, wind, fire, water…
Each has a remarkable clarity of purpose.
Everyone knows what they do, and why they are needed.
Do you have a similar clarity of purpose and focus about your own life?
What is your purpose?
Your direction?
Your focus?
We are all guilty of operating on auto-pilot sometimes…
There are so many tasks, obligations and commitments to juggle,
that it’s easy to slip in to automatic pilot and just try to “get through until…”
Until what?
The end of the day?
The weekend?
The next vacation?
Is that how you want to live?
When we lose our ability to stay present, in the moment, we lose track of our lives…
It’s not a coincidence that so many people say, “where did the last …years go?”
They really have lost them.
Somewhere along the way, they gave up being present.
Each day is an opportunity to fully take in life.
Every day you have another chance to live your life with intent, focus and clarity.
How will you do that today?
It’s up to you.
Do you want to lose track of days (years), wondering where they went and how you accidentally missed so much?
Or, would you prefer to live each day of your precious life as if it were on purpose?
Today make a conscious effort to be present.
Fully focus on the moment you are in,
not the moments yet to come.
Give yourself the time, and the space, to notice your life…
as you are living it!


“Most people are so busy knocking themselves out
trying to do everything they think they should do,
they never get around to do what they want to do.”

Kathleen Winsor

She was so angry.
Initially it didn’t make sense, and it was hard to follow.
Her friend had finished a training program, in an area she loved,
left her job, and opened her own business.
This infuriated her.
Why? Why was she so mad at her friend for reaching her goal?
She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t happy for her.

It’s pretty clear, from the outside, isn’t it?
Her reaction had nothing to do with her friend.

Her friend was an innocent target for her frustration.
Her friend wasn’t happy, and she took steps to change that.

It’s funny how often we resent those that do what we wish we could do.
We wonder, what do they know that we don’t?
We ponder, why can they do it and we can’t?
We lament, why are they doing it and we aren’t?

You know why someone else has it?
It’s not a mystery and there aren’t any tricks.
So, why do they have it? Simple.
Because they decided to do it, and then they actually did it.
That’s all…

You don’t need to monitor what others are doing, or getting, or succeeding at anymore…
Stop your running tally of the successes in the lives of others.

Whether it is about health, career, relationships, education, finances, a house, a car, or a pet,
start looking at what YOU want in life, and let go of what others are doing, or what they have.
This is YOUR life,
How do you want to live it?

Be busy doing YOUR thing now.
It’s time.