An Emotional Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

It’s true. The proverbial “they” say that physical health is also based on mental health.
Who says that?
Some of the most brilliant minds in mind-body medicine, holistic experts, spiritual leaders, doctors across the spectrum- in both Eastern and Western medicine… and the co-creators of EO!

It’s not a mystery that if you emotionally feel bad, the body starts to match up and you start to physically feel bad. On the other hand, people who love life, find and feel the joy, and intentionally seek out happiness, tend to feel better. They don’t get sick as much, and if they do get sick, they seem to get better faster.

We aren’t going to quote a lot of medical journals here- we’re actually going to ask you to just think about who you know, and what you have observed about how they move through life.
First, think  about the people you know who move through the world with a spotlight on everything wrong, broken, or missing. They complain, they whine, they perseverate on the mistakes. They relentlessly point out faults, shortcomings, and assign blame with a vengeance. It feels draining, toxic, or just plain bad to be around them. You have anyone in mind?
Well, how healthy are they?
Pretty sure the misery they look for in the world, is also taking root in their bodies. They’re sick, in pain, unhappy, ill, or just plain miserable all the time- and they like to share that angst with the world.

Now, think about the people you love to be around. The people who make you laugh, and who have energy that feels magnetic. The people who always have a kind word, a great story, an example of gratitude. They talk about what they love, who they love, and what is great about the world. They love their lives, and they love the people in it. They always find what is right, what is working, what is going well, and what is getting done. They radiate positive energy and you soak it up when you’re around them.
You have some people in mind?
How often to they get sick, complain, or express feeling negatively, badly, or ill?

We’ll say it one more time…
An emotional orgasm (or two, or three) a day, keeps the doctor away!
Get out there and get busy living life fulfilled!


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