Emotional Orgasm: The WOW moments in life!

So, what is an EO, or “Emotional Orgasm?”
It is simply a “WOW” moment in life.
It’s when you are fully there, in that moment, and it feels A-MA-ZING!!

So, yes, an EO may be one of THE most incredible moments of your life, like achieving one of the most significant goals you have ever reached…
OR it could be just an every day kind of incredible moment that you want to soak up every second of, like walking on the beach watching your child make a sandcastle on a warm September afternoon.

An EO doesn’t mean that you have to reach a transformational state of peace and alignment first, then the EO shows up.  EO’s are pretty incredible because there are millions of them out there, just waiting in the wings for you to give them a head nod and allow them to bust on to the scene and give you and your life a big WOW!

You are still confused? Cynical? Let’s get a little more specific!
At work? EO’s are waiting.
At the gym? Yup. They’re there too.
How about on a busy Saturday doing errands? Ohhh…yes. They LOVE every day life. They’re there.
Even at your in-law’s house for meatloaf dinner? Wowzers- they have never missed a dinner with your in-law’s! It’s just too bad YOU seem to always miss THEM! They’re there.

EO’s abound in your life, desperately waiting for you to acknowledge them.
Today make sure you give them a shout out.
Pay attention, look for what’s right, and BE in the moment. That’s where the EO’s are waiting!
(And yes, they’re even out there in the rain! They just love inclement weather!)

Happy EO’s to you!


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