The Power of Your Battle…


“When you fight something, you’re tied to it forever.
As long as you’re fighting it, you’re giving it power.”

Anthony de Mello

What are you waging war against?
What struggle, issue, battle or injustice are you dragging around with you…
day after day…
month after month…
and, for some,
decade after decade?

Some are very busy with what went wrong…
what didn’t happen (and should have),
what could have happened (but never did),
what was said (and shouldn’t have been)
what wasn’t said (and desperately needed to be!)
what was done (as wrong as it was)
or what wasn’t (and now it’s too late)!

Some are so consumed with the battle that they believe they should have won,
that they can’t see the toll that this is wreaking on daily life.
Using tremendous amounts of energy, so many drag it all around, tattered and worn,
wondering why they are so tired in life,
and why it’s hard for them to see the positive and celebrate what they DO have.

Is this you?
In any way, are you in this?
Do you have any frustrations, injustices, struggles or frustrations that you keep close by,
to quickly access on a daily basis?
If the answer is yes, it’s time to make peace with them.
At this point, nobody is going to win.
And, every day you keep it with you, you are losing more and more…

Today, try letting go…
Making peace is often the only way
to finally make your life yours.



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