July 2010

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“The great Western disease is,
I’ll be happy when…
When I get the money.
When I get a BMW.
When I get this job.’

Well, the reality is, you never get to when.
The only way to find happiness
is to understand that happiness is not out there.
It’s in here.
And happiness is not next week.
It’s now.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Check in with yourself about how often you are waiting for your happiness to show up and arrive.
Notice how you think, and what you say, about being happy.
Pay attention to what markers or benchmarks you hold out as the tool to identify if you’re happy or not.

The “i’ll be happy when…” syndrome is impacting countless lives and keeping people locked in a state of limbo.
Are you living there too?
Isn’t it getting old?
What if you decided you deserved happiness and expected it to be fully present and engaged in your daily life.
Daily life isn’t inherently glamorous or rooted in perfection, but there IS happiness nestled in daily life- just waiting to be noticed!
If you are waiting for something to happen that will make you happy, you are missing what IS happening right now- which includes lots of love, laughter and pretty amazing “wow” moments.

Be in today.
It has a lot to offer.