February 2010

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Where can you have an EO?
Can you show up to return something at a store, with the line 12 people deep, and have one?
How about at work, working with a group on a pressure filled deadline, and two people are out sick?
What about at your kid’s soccer game, in the rain?
Just the thought of those scenarios can start to agitate, can’t they?
Is it possible to have an EO in those settings?

You want us to say, “NO! That would be absolutely absurd! You don’t even have to TRY in those situations, because it’s not possible!”
Bad news.
We’re not going to say that.
Why not? Because you get to decide the meaning in life.
You get to decide how you choose to filter things and give meaning to experiences.
Let’s say it again. You CHOOSE it.

There is a lot of power in that, but a lot of people also get really fired up when we throw that word around.
The word “choice” makes feathers ruffle and scowls start scowling.
It upsets people because things happen and we choose what we want to do with them- and some of us are in comfortable patterns of choosing to look for, find and focus on the negative.

Newsflash: You seek evidence that supports your position.
If you think it’s bad, it will be and you’ll make sure you can prove that this moment was a nightmare that nobody should have to live through. Next time you’re in a situation that is ruffling your feathers, do a quick check in and decide if this is working for you. Is it possible that there is another position, or perspective, or lens that you could use that would shift how you feel? Could you find another angle that would work better for you, your sanity, your mood, your life?
Try it.
Because you’re hip and cool, and ruffled feathers went out in the ’80’s.

“Each moment is a place you’ve never been.”

mark strand

Does this help?
Does this give the permission (and the freedom) to being open to learning?
Does this hold the potential, the promise,
and the possibility for growth?

If each moment is a place you have never been, could that make room in life for you to accept any imperfections or errors you might make?
How about making it acceptable to have a little uncertainty, or apprehension, in your world?

So often we fight and resist any situation that we do not have complete mastery,
for fear of failing…or, just for fear of not fully knowing.

It can be so beautiful to be in a place we have never been…
but, too often we aren’t open to the beauty because we are consumed with anxiety!

We need not be perfect.
Nowhere is it expected that we are to know it all, be it all, or have done it all.

All the world asks of us,
in our personal and our professional lives,
is to be fully present and show up…
Because if we are living in the moment,
in this moment,
we’re always going to get it right.
(That’s where an amazing emotional orgasm is waiting…!)


“I’d rather be a failure at something I love,
than a success at something I hate.”

George Burns

One day a break at a training turned in to an interesting conversation…
A conversation about experiences that people enjoyed, but for a variety of reasons, wouldn’t let themselves do anymore…

  • One woman said she stopped singing in the fourth grade, because she was told that she didn’t have a good voice. She loved to sing, but she stopped…and that was over 30 years ago!
  • Another participant enjoyed roller blading, but didn’t think she had the skills to do it along the beach, because people would judge her…so, she stopped soon after learning.
  • One person talked about wishing she could take a painting class, but didn’t know how to paint and thought she’d be the worst painter in the class…so, she wouldn’t sign up.
  • Another shared that she wanted to make more pottery, which she loved, but said that her pieces didn’t come out well, so she refused to bother the teacher and take another class!

How heartbreaking is this?!
Story after story of experiences people won’t let themselves have, because they fear being less than perfect.

Is there anything that would love to do, but you avoid it,
because you are scared that you are not good enough?

What if you had permission to be less than perfect?
What if you had permission to be terrible at something (absolutely awful), and that was ok, because you enjoyed it? Would you do it?

Then give yourself permission…!

If you love to sing, belt it out…
If it’s painting you crave, grab a brush..
If you dream of being an author, start writing…

Whatever it is, do it.
It’s your life, give yourself the chance to live it!



“Begin each day as if it were on purpose.”

Mary Anne Radmacher

There is such power in the basic elements of life.
Earth, wind, fire, water…
Each has a remarkable clarity of purpose.
Everyone knows what they do, and why they are needed.
Do you have a similar clarity of purpose and focus about your own life?
What is your purpose?
Your direction?
Your focus?
We are all guilty of operating on auto-pilot sometimes…
There are so many tasks, obligations and commitments to juggle,
that it’s easy to slip in to automatic pilot and just try to “get through until…”
Until what?
The end of the day?
The weekend?
The next vacation?
Is that how you want to live?
When we lose our ability to stay present, in the moment, we lose track of our lives…
It’s not a coincidence that so many people say, “where did the last …years go?”
They really have lost them.
Somewhere along the way, they gave up being present.
Each day is an opportunity to fully take in life.
Every day you have another chance to live your life with intent, focus and clarity.
How will you do that today?
It’s up to you.
Do you want to lose track of days (years), wondering where they went and how you accidentally missed so much?
Or, would you prefer to live each day of your precious life as if it were on purpose?
Today make a conscious effort to be present.
Fully focus on the moment you are in,
not the moments yet to come.
Give yourself the time, and the space, to notice your life…
as you are living it!

about you

People have asked us, “who are you trying to reach with EO?”
Quite simply, we’re trying to reach you.
YOU are our target audience.
Who are you?
You are busy living your life in this world and you want to make sure you fully live it.
You don’t want to miss any of the joy that’s here.
You want to make sure you’re fully equipped to find, experience and own all of it.
(Not just some of it, some of the time, which is how you fear too many live…)
You’re 21 or 41 or 81 years old.
You’re a woman.
You’re a man.
You have relationships, family, friends, hopes, fears, goals, challenges and big dreams.
We have tools, tips, perspective and strategies that can help you, as you make sure you’re living life fulfilled.

So, when you ask, “Who are you talking to?”
We reply, “We’re talking to you.”


“Most people are so busy knocking themselves out
trying to do everything they think they should do,
they never get around to do what they want to do.”

Kathleen Winsor

She was so angry.
Initially it didn’t make sense, and it was hard to follow.
Her friend had finished a training program, in an area she loved,
left her job, and opened her own business.
This infuriated her.
Why? Why was she so mad at her friend for reaching her goal?
She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t happy for her.

It’s pretty clear, from the outside, isn’t it?
Her reaction had nothing to do with her friend.

Her friend was an innocent target for her frustration.
Her friend wasn’t happy, and she took steps to change that.

It’s funny how often we resent those that do what we wish we could do.
We wonder, what do they know that we don’t?
We ponder, why can they do it and we can’t?
We lament, why are they doing it and we aren’t?

You know why someone else has it?
It’s not a mystery and there aren’t any tricks.
So, why do they have it? Simple.
Because they decided to do it, and then they actually did it.
That’s all…

You don’t need to monitor what others are doing, or getting, or succeeding at anymore…
Stop your running tally of the successes in the lives of others.

Whether it is about health, career, relationships, education, finances, a house, a car, or a pet,
start looking at what YOU want in life, and let go of what others are doing, or what they have.
This is YOUR life,
How do you want to live it?

Be busy doing YOUR thing now.
It’s time.